Exploring Landscapes with Ms. Leston’s Class

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Our Eye is on Drawing Dreams in the Style of Magritte

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Catching Up With CASA!

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Students worked on copper plate embossings which they then attached to wooden cigar boxes. These boxes have been embellished with beading, ribbons, sequins and jewels to create “treasure” boxes worthy of a sailor’s prized collection!
Next, students began working on creating lighthouse models. they learned about Robbin’s Reef Lighthouse and Katie Walker, it’s famous keeper, as well as about Old Orchard Shoals Lighthouse, which sadly succumbed to Hurricane Sandy and was swept from its perch off Staten Island’s Southeast coast. Next session, participants will continue to work on their models, adding plaster casting to strengthen and shape them, and preparing them for “electrifying”!

Students Visit Noble Maritime Collection!

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Students from Ms. Dieal’s and Ms. Brassfield’s classes visited the Noble Maritime Collection on Friday, April 19, 2013 to learn about immigration and tour the museum with Ms. DB Lampman of the museum.  The trip, arranged by Ms. Rorke, our Social Studies teacher, is part of an ABC (Arts Bring Change) grant that she was awarded through COAHSI (Council on Arts and Humanities of Staten Island).  The students, who are learning all about the immigrant experience, past and present, were treated to a play in which they met Ms. Annie Moore, the very first immigrant to enter through Ellis Island in January of 1892.  Annie Moore, who was from Ireland, was played by Ms. Lampman, with supporting characters played by the students.  The children learned about what the experience was like for those first immigrants through song, images, and role play and then toured the museum, named for artist john A. Noble, whose houseboat/studio is housed within the museum.  The Noble Maritime Collection is housed on the grounds of Snug Harbor Cultural Center, once the home of retired sailors.   Read below for student comments about this wonderful trip!

CASA Afterschool Program at the Main Site

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Check out the new blog at PS 373R! Link to check out photos and the latest news!

LINK HERE: http://casaat373r.wordpress.com/

Student Semi-finalists in PSArt2013!

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Jeremiah Nixon and Timothy Bello have earned semi-finalists positions in New York City’s PSArt 2013 and have their work submitted for consideration as finalists in the citywide competition which recognizes outstanding student artwork from across the five boroughs.  Jeremiah’s charcoal work, “Still Life With Bamboo” and Timothy’s pen and ink with washes, “Gray Day in New York City” have been submitted to the judging panel for the final consideration, from thousands submitted across the city.  Their work, if it moves to the final phase, will be exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  ImageImageWe wish both young men all the best!

Georgia On Our Minds

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Poinsettia By Justin W.

Recently, we have been studying Georgia O’Keeffe and her paintings. The Metropolitan Museum of Art currently has an exhibit of Arthur Steiglitz, her photographer-gallery-owner husband. Click the link below for more information on the exhibit:

Check out our new exhibit on the second floor opposite the main office!

In keeping with the season, we have chosen to study poinsettias, drawing and painting them in large scale. And then, as an alternate representation, interpreting our observations using torn paper collage as the medium.  Here’s what we think of our work: